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Yellow Ultra Soft Marbled Throw Blanket


Ultra Soft Marbled Throw Blanket  is made from a good quality recycled cotton that gives this blanket a durable and super soft feel. This blanket will dry faster than a regular towel. It is a comfortable blanket, designed for a feeling of luxury and elegance.

This Yellow Throw Blanket is handcrafted using Turkish ancient tradition. It is perfect for indoor/outdoor, home, beach, camping, picnic, or travel and suitable for all seasons. Add style to a couch, chair or bed by choosing one of our beautiful combinations that match your home décor.


  • Composition: 50% recycled cotton + 50% natural cotton
  • Measures 180 x 150 cm. / Weighs 0.8 lbs.
  • Hand Loomed
  • Colour: Yellow

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