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    • January 30, 2021 What is African Mud Cloth Fabric
      What is African Mud Cloth Fabric

      In Bambara, the Mali people's main language, the word Bogolan means "made from mud." The Bogolan method of dyeing and printing cotton is purely organic and environment-friendly since it is free from toxic chemicals and requires dried plants and fruit as a dye.

      The mud cloth fabric is 100% cotton, and it takes a long time to form this kind of cloth. In the past, mud cloth fabric was usually painted by African women in distinctive symbols and patterns.

    • January 17, 2021 Travel Tour: A 200-year-old farmhouse stay in Ibiza
      Travel Tour: A 200-year-old farmhouse stay in Ibiza

      Situated in the pastoral interior on the island of Ibiza lay 25 acres of majestic orchards and pine groves serenely situated near a 200-year-old farmhouse. A combination of boho materials is paired with a classic minimalist aesthetic, creating a feeling of airiness with a lived-in comfort.

      The Farmhouse is a members-only retreat made up of 9 guest suites and a 2-bedroom guesthouse, featuring an infinity pool and an outdoor bar.

    • December 28, 2020 The Benefits of Fair Trade
      The Benefits of Fair Trade

      Fair trade is a world-wide movement made up of companies, consumers, and organizations that are focused on putting people and the planet first when it comes to consuming and purchasing products and goods.

      This movement started all the way back in 1946, when the American Organization Ten Thousand Villages began buying needlework from people in Puerto Rico. There were other fair trades happening in different countries at this time, including trades between the United Kingdom and China. For over 70 years, the idea of Fair Trade has been seen as not only a means of consumerism, but a social movement.